Sharing info on ESA Appeals process
Many people with ME applying for, or being migrated to, ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) are having their claims rejected by DWP and then having to go through an appeal to get the benefit awarded. This can be a daunting prospect.
We are hoping to gather some short descriptions from those who have been through the process to inform and encourage those still facing it. We would like to hear from you if you have been through an appeal and are willing to write a short piece to inform/advise others. If you are interested, please email Andy at for more details.
And if you are awaiting a hearing, or trying to decide whether to appeal, and you would like to read about others’ experiences, Please email Andy and mentioning your hearing date if it has been set. 

Disclaimer: - Posted links are for awareness purposes only. Our intention is to support individuals in making informed decisions. Treatments are not necessarily advocated by the Group and are tried at the individual’s own risk.

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