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Integrated Pain and Spinal Service (IPASS)

Berkshire Healthcare’s Integrated Pain and Spinal Service (IPASS) won the British Society of Rheumatology’s 2016 Emerging Best Practice Award in February 2016 for its work in helping people with musculoskeletal and chronic pain problems.
  • The IPASS provides fast access and high quality community based assessment and treatment if you have spinal and persistent pain
  • Our goal is to support the delivery of multidisciplinary and self-management tools
  • Berkshire West Commissioning group recognised the need for a new service to ensure you could access services in the community quickly if you suffered from persistent pain
  • This service has been integrated with the previous Community Spinal Service, which offered a full assessment and diagnosis for spinal related problems
  • We provide a choice of convenient appointments across the West of Berkshire. 

Accessing the service

All patients must be registered with a West Berkshire GP.

Pain Service

You can be referred to us if:
  • You have been experiencing pain for more than six months that has not responded to standard medical treatment such as analgesia
  • The pain is impacting on your life and you are willing to work to manage the pain
  • You have a Fibromyalgia diagnosis (or awaiting)
  • You are over 16-years-old.

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Online Programm

Expert Patients Programme Online is a free six-week self-management course for people living with long-term health conditions or disabilities. The course has had good reports from people living with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. 

Participants join a small online group which all begin the programme at the same time, then they access the course over the six weeks looking at topics such as managing tiredness and pain, coping with feelings of depression, relaxation techniques, healthy eating, action planning and problem solving and communication skills. 
Each participant is given a user name and is able to interact safely with other participants through discussion boards as people move through the topics. There is the flexibility of logging on each week at a time that suits, rather than missing a week if your health dips during it. 
If you are interested in getting more information or booking a place please call our Freephone number: 0800 988 5520 to talk to one of our team. 

All places are FREE! Full details are available from:

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